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CaLaMiTy is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Unholy (1)
Balance (1)
Feral (1)
Restoration (1)
Marksmanship (1)
Survivalists (1)
Arcane (1)
Fire (1)
Holy (1)
Retribution (1)
Discipline (1)
Holy (1)
Shadow (1)
Elemental (1)
Restoration (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (1)
Fury (1)
Protection (1)

  1. Sign up : 5pts
  2. Show up : 5pts
  3. Bosses Killed : 10pts. per boss
  4. Staying whole raid time : 20pts
  5. Staying for progression bosses : 20pts per boss
  6. Being within top 5 dps in 25 man raid or top 2 in 10 man raid : 10pts
  7. Being within top 2 heals in 25 man raid or top heals in 10 man raid : 10pts
  8. Showing and tanking : 10pts.
  9. Being on time and at place raid is taking place: 5pts
* when bidding on a particular item you may go in the negatives by 10, but no more....

  1.  if you are late: -5pts dkp
  2.  if u cause a raid to wipe from no paying attention, does not pertain to an accident: -5dkp
  3. if u sign up and do not show without any notice: -10dkp

*Now until we get a core group of raiders, during pugg groups we will do /rolls for gear to make it fair. Yet, you wills till accumulate DKP for showing. Once we get a core group DKP will start being the loot system.

                                                                               Guild Rules

  1. Please keep yourselves with the guild motto. Remember how you act in situations reflect on the guild and all its members.
  2. We expect you to make 75% of the raids scheduled
  3. Make sure you always sign up for the scheduled raids
  4. Make sure to notify the GM or Officer via mail on this website if u are unable to attend a raid for any reason, vacations, ect.
  5. please act respectful to all members within the guild we do not want any drama going on
  6. All flasks,food, repairs, and enchants will be provided by the guild on new pieces that you win for main spec during a raid on new content,gems are also available if u can not provide your own.
  7. with the above stated we do ask that you make a donation once a week of at least 100g but would prefer 200g to the guild bank. We fill that will help cover expenses and keep us able to provide those benefits for the raid . SInce average repair bill alone is 100g a night we feel the donation is very little considering we raid 3 nights a week.
  8. All boe's will go to the guild bank unless someone is in need of the item so we may sell for guild profits.
  9. All patterns that dropped will be rolled for, but only maxed level profession holders may roll on said patterns
  10. if you need anything out of guild bank and u don't have access please ask a officer to get item out for you
  11. all gear is posted for members in need of main spec, then off spec, then if no one wants initiates. If no one needs the gear it will be disenchanted and matts go into guild bank. We use a DKP system on gear highest DKP bid wins.
  12. All initiates are on a 2 week trial basis in which we will observe your behavior, performance, and knowledge of your class, as well as how you act in certain situations.
  13. After 2 weeks the initiate will start off right off the bat with 20dkp and start to accumulate their first raid sign up after becoming a member.
  14. We use this website for everything, so please be sure to check it everyday.
  15. The guild bank is for all us to enjoy. You may take things from tab 1 with the allowance it gives you for the day. All other tabs are for us making things to use in bettering our performance. If u need anything from those tabs you are to ask a gm or a officer. The matts are not to level your professions or make money off they are simply to create things such as flasks, enchants, and gear. SO any donations are welcome and encouraged.
  16. We will have raffles and auctions for stuff they will be announced on the guild page. We hope to have a raffle within near future for a chopper once guild bank gets enough funds to do so. Then make that raffle a regular occurence :)
  17. Last but most important HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!
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Honesty, Loyalty,and Humanity

We strive to be the best at what we do and while holding onto Integrity. 

About us: We are a newly formed soon to be hardcore raiding guild. We are starting with the basics and getting achievements for our newest members. We are going to start up the newest content soon. I expect this guild to work well and go far in the World of Warcraft. Look for us around, we will be the newest up and coming guild to be in!
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